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Black Panther

Hello all, I saw Black Panther last night in 3D and I just wanted to share my thoughts to see if anyone received the same message and what everyone thinks about the movie.

To start, I am not a comic book person so I won't be referencing back to the comics, just someone who went into it expecting nothing.

For me, the main message of this movie was liberation, being liberated. Many different demographics I feel can connect to this movie through that message. Whether it's liberation from oppression, sexism, family histories, stereotypes, vendettas and grudges, ect. people can identify with this movie. I really felt it through the womanhood sisterhood aspect. YAS.

The woman in this movie really stole everything. They were everything. The tech sister, who is not nerdy and skanky or social awkward, she's just a bad mamajama. His best fighter is a strong female who wields her weapon so powerfully and when she hopped up on that car in the beautiful red dress and just took names, sisterhood. Lastly, the lover a strong female who stood side by side with him as opposed to a step behind. It was never a question if any of them were qualified for their positions because they are woman, they were just respected as the best in their fields because they were. And with T'Challa being able to keep the peace and lead them to their goal, they all benefitted each other equally.

Besides all that, the music, colors, landscapes, and performances of everyone who took part in this movie was top notch. The score was able to escort you into the feel and be in the moment for every scene. The colors and landscapes were just astonishing, which seemed to be a priority since we were built up to see "the most beautiful sunrise" and it did not disappoint. Finally, the performances of everyone, aside from the main four who, from reading the paragraph above should say how I feel about their portrayal of this story, was fabulous. Winston Duke as M'Baku, Daniel Kaluuya as W'Kabi, and Micheal B. Jodan as Erik Killmonger could easily have been over shadowed by the main four but were able to hold their own. Kaluuya and Jordan I had seen before but Duke really stood out to me. I loved his character who was able to tap out instead of die with integrity and then put his grudges aside to stand by his king in the end. Duke was able to execute this minor character with a memorable performance. Finally, Andy Serkis. Wonderful. A total different character from Gollum or Cesear. Where Serkis generally plays meek or/and the good guy, he buffed out and total harnessed the bad guy believably.

out of 5