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Night on Earth

Night on Earth (1988)
Director: Jim Jarmusch

Jarmusch is one director I usually enjoy. His meditative style often leaves itself wide open for great comedy moments, and his craftmanship as this kind of fimmaker is very clever because it seems as if he is literally doing nothing, but he is, in fact, doing a lot to control his set and scene, and that's why you get what you get.

Night on Earth has never been at the top of the list for JJ movies for me. On a 2nd watch last night, I did find myself appreciating the Winona Ryder/Gena Rowlands segment more, which I used to think was such a waste of Rowlands talent. I mean, it kind of is, but just watching her react and carry on, she has such a cool and breezy, and wise way about her. She is not only hip, but she is kind, and materializes a very classy, intelligent and attractive woman. Winona Ryder, well...no.

The only real highlight of the film, or highlights, were story number 2 with Giancarlo Esposito and story number 4 with Beninni. Very funny stuff. The locations were great, the comedy was good, I should have liked this more. I think to me it just felt uneven and maybe a bit forced, like "Coffee and Cigarettes" was. Maybe a little too in on its own joke, you know?

If I had to pick one segment I liked best, that's easy. Segment 2. I loved the shot of Giancarlos's character shuffling his feet when he's hustling for a cab. Hilarious. And when he refers to Helmut's dual flute as a "horn".

"Yo, play dat horn you was doin' "

Not much else to say, really. Not among his best for me but was OK and like I said, had moments that gave me a good, healthy laugh.