Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama   5/29/19
by Joel
There's nothing like a movie you've never seen before that is able to take you back like a time capsule and deliver the mood and fun of an 80's video fringe night in such a way where the first time feels like the 5th time, and there's not many movies that are so bad and average that can pull all of this off while still being moderately tame save some nudity and a decapitation.

The Highwaymen   5/12/19
by Joel
I have noticed that nowadays with all of the films coming home to roost on the internet, that something has been lost, something in the way of confidence, the way to tell a story, the old master way of putting something on the screen, avoiding the prominence of attractive shortcuts and sound bytes that may cheapen the film.

Velvet Buzzsaw   5/03/19
by Joel
Let's take a movie about the art world and politics, and cross pollinate it with an old slasher movie, except we'll write the jokes flat and obvious and leave any true scares or ingenuity completely out!"

A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon   3/08/19
by Joel
Seeing the film with the Bill Conti tinged score (instead of original director's cut composer Elmer Bernstein) puts a very cheesy 80's synth score mixed with an almost karate kid vibe on top of this pared down mismatched sock of a movie.

What They Had   3/03/19
by Joel
I laughed a few times because this movie offers comedy I don't find too much with more recent films, at least more recent films where the UNIVERSAL logo pumps out its indie rainbow camera flares mixed in with its CGI bumper plate.

Koyaanisqatsi   2/16/19
by Joel
"Time magazine shot on high speed film" - Joel

Summer of 84   11/04/18
by Joel
Summer of 84

Phantom Thread   10/29/18
by Joel
It's a bit of a mad love story, sure - but I expected so much more from a film maker like Paul Thomas Anderson.

The Princess Bride   10/29/18
by Joel
Between the performances and impeccable timing of the cast, to the lush and lavish set design and costuming, it's really going to be an exercise in futility to find something inherently wrong with Rob Reiner's best film.

The Master   10/22/18
by Joel
There's a lot to see and hear in this picture, so trying to follow an obnoxiously slow pace was a chore the first two times, and I resented this film for it, even though I champion slowly paced films.

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