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Hidden Figures

Theodore Melfi

Hidden Figures nicely revealed

Hidden Figures is a movie filmed in 2016, in US, directed by (to me unknown) Theodore Melfi. With the main characters of Katherine G. Johnson (by Taraji P. Henson ), Dorothy Vaughan (by Octavia Spencer), Mary Jackson (by Janelle Monáe), Al Harrison (by Kevin Costner) and Vivian Mitchell (by Kirsten Dunst).

It is an encouraging story about NASA colored employees back in '60, straggling between the pressure of segregation in Virginia and uncompromising first man in space race.

It starts with three black ladies trying to repair a car by the road each helping their own way, eventually harassed by a cop passing by on patrol car and then ending up escorting them to Langley as per the importance of the space mission they were working for. Then Kevin Costner enters the scene and right away I started to feel at cinematography home. He is so confident and transmitting such a authority, it makes me feel just as so. I'm not going further into story however let me share with you some of very encouraging moments (at least for me):

  • I like very much the „Where the hell have you been“ scene. Actress Taraji P. Henson was just amazing how she expressed the „pushed in the corner“, justified outburst. It came just about the right moment. I was starting to think to myself „When the hell is she going to get pissed off?“ and then relieve came over to me. Finally! Finally she got it out of herself. And they all listened. Even Jim Parson (Big Bang Theory) unpleasant as ever with a constant shine of prejudice in his eye ball. Before that scene the whole atmosphere was fake happy. After? Sincerity, openness freed up.
  • Another goose bumps scene, when Taraji P. Henson made her calculations at the top secret briefing full of white men. Kevin Costner standing up was a nice touch.
  • Yet another emotional crescendo scene. Colored ladies department reassigned to handle the IBM beast machine. Things are moving forward while finally the white man understands which was very nicely portrayed by Kirsten Dunst. That gradual improvement of her respect to colored colleagues.
  • As well as Janelle Monáe attending fearlessly her first class in all white High School to gain entitlement become the first colored engineer working for NASA. Very nice touch the way she convinced Judge to get an enrollment. I wish everybody (including myself) would have such a desire for education to face all that difficulties.
There was a nice and well chosen music, like for example Miles Davis's So What tune was very fit for the first successful launch, Ray Charles etc.

i liked the camera work as well. I'm not an expert, however the camera was nice and steady, not disturbing, shaky.

Summa summarum it was a good quality movie with a message. I don't really care whether or not this movie is a propaganda or a racist historical revisionism. I'm only trying to see what this movie could give you: entertainment, nice and encouraging story, lesson to life. There is a clear message: don't underestimate people by their status. I'm very gladly rating 8/10. Thank you.