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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

Prom Night II

Holy crap, that was great! I loved the first movie, but this comes very close to it. It's only by a slight margin I like the first one the most, since I can definitely see why some people has this as their favorite. It started off as a typical teen slasher (fun to watch, but not much substance), but then turned into something much, much better and creepier. While yes it's still ridiculous and very funny
WARNING: spoilers below
(when the zombie of Mary Lou burst out of Kelly's chest, I laughed out loud for almost a full minute)
, it's at the same time very tragic and heartbreaking. Mary Lou wasn't a nice person, but she didn't deserve such a cruel fate.
The acting was great. I loved Wendy Lyon, Lisa Shrage and Michael Ironside in their roles, since they were the most committed to their characters and demonstrated the most emotional depth. Lyon even handled the transformation her character went through expertly.

Bruce Pittman does a good job taking over after Paul Lynch, creating atmosphere like a professional, and most scenes are shot beautifully. One of my favorites is when Lyon gets sucked into the blackboard, which is some of the freakiest s'hit I've ever seen.

If just the first half hour was handled better (the opening scene was great, but after that it took a pretty long while before it picked back up), but most horror movies have their flaws. Strongly recommended, don't skip this sequel!

Oh, and that horse scares the hell out of me.