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Prom Night II

Holy crap, that was great! I loved the first movie, but this comes very close to it. It's only by a slight margin I like the first one the most, since I can definitely see why some people has this as their favorite. It started off as a typical teen slasher (fun to watch, but not much substance), but then turned into something much, much better and creepier. While yes it's still ridiculous and very funny
WARNING: spoilers below
(when the zombie of Mary Lou burst out of Kelly's chest, I laughed out loud for almost a full minute)
, it's at the same time very tragic and heartbreaking. Mary Lou wasn't a nice person, but she didn't deserve such a cruel fate.
The acting was great. I loved Wendy Lyon, Lisa Shrage and Michael Ironside in their roles, since they were the most committed to their characters and demonstrated the most emotional depth. Lyon even handled the transformation her character went through expertly.

Bruce Pittman does a good job taking over after Paul Lynch, creating atmosphere like a professional, and most scenes are shot beautifully. One of my favorites is when Lyon gets sucked into the blackboard, which is some of the freakiest s'hit I've ever seen.

If just the first half hour was handled better (the opening scene was great, but after that it took a pretty long while before it picked back up), but most horror movies have their flaws. Strongly recommended, don't skip this sequel!

Oh, and that horse scares the hell out of me.

Rear Window (1954) -

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Think I enjoy this more with every viewing

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Lonely Are The Brave (1962, David Miller)

I hadn't read much about it before going in, so for some reason I thought this was going to be a prison movie but the prison segment turned out only a small part of the story (which, I admit, was a tad disappointing). But anyway, overall this was a pretty good movie with some crisp b&w cinematography, and it had some great moments in it. Kirk Douglas was excellent in his portrayal of an idealistic, old-fashioned cowboy at odds with modern reality, and Walter Matthau as a droll, cynical sheriff was fun to watch. However, I thought the protracted mountain chase segment brought the movie down a notch - it was kinda dull and added little to the story.

This was Kirk Douglas' favorite of his own films, which says a lot and alone makes it very much worth giving it a shot if you haven't yet.

Passengers (2016)


I went into this expecting to hate it, and even kind of hoping that I would. It seems that I've been enjoying everything I've been watching, and I thought a bad movie could give me a little perspective. It's a nice roll to be on, but it has me questioning my own ratings. Anyway, Jennifer Lawrence is very good as always, and Chris Pratt was well suited for his role. There is a fantastic moral dilemma in this movie, and that's what carries the whole thing. The spaceship was very cool, and the bar and bartender were crazily reminiscent of The Shining. My wife picked this movie out; it was a huge surprise for me and she loved it too. It would have made my list for the Sci-Fi countdown had I seen it in time.

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Imperium (2016)

Just, no.

I'm not influenced by his Potter days, since I've only seen portions of the first couple of Potter films while flipping channels. I never actually watched one intentionally.

Here, he briefly tries to convince us that he's an FBI agent tough guy, who happens to be all of 3 apples tall. If it wasn't for the boots, his head would probably only reach the side mirror of his F-150. His sissy appearance and early approach to going undercover, make it even less believable.

Throughout the movie, he bounces back and forth between his white power family and his FBI family, like he's visiting for holidays and BBQs. There is almost no sense of urgency or danger conveyed to the viewer. The rest is a real mess, scrambled up in a hurry. I didn't care for the casting, the story or the acting.
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Beauty and the Beast 2017

Looked superb and was really well done.

That was the good and the bad bit of it for me.

Good because it looked superb and was really well done.

This for me was also the downside. It looked good and 'real' so the 'Beast' suddenly became more threatening in appearance, but there was no change to the script to reflect that. He was still a 'kids cartoon character' in everything but appearance.

Good casting.

If you like the animated version then I think you will like this.

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Silent Hill (2006)

Hey, I found Andrea from TWD. Not bad for a video game movie. I don't know anything about the game, so the whole concept felt new, fresh and interesting. Decent cast. I know Mitchell from Pitch Black and a couple of other films. Unger is always a favourite.

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Arrival (2016)

I've serenely enjoyed watching that movie. I've found the alleged extraterrestrial beings and vehicles sort of "realistic". Pretty inspirational to me, I've tried to get how it would feel to start communication in similar circumstances. I've appreciated the visual effects, the sound effects. But, to me, the main character was insipid.

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Was not expecting much from this and quite rightly too. Dreadful acting, CGI, plot and totally over the top and completely unrealistic action scenes. However I do believe that there is a place for unrealistic action in movies I most certainly love the likes of Commando and Rambo part II and this film does deliver on that front while still being nowhere near as good as those classics lol. So if you want to disengage your brain some entertainment can be found here just dont expect much from it.

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I cant rate it because I couldnt watch it. My ear drums are fractured and my eyes are still bleeding from the colour grading. When will these fads end!

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Florence Foster Jenkins 6/10
It wasn't as bad as I had been anticpipating. Meryl is wonderfull in every movie, Hugh had to give some stick, and I love "Wolowitz" face.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

You can't win an argument just by being right!

I cant rate it because I couldnt watch it. My ear drums are fractured and my eyes are still bleeding from the colour grading. When will these fads end!
Sorry to quote myself but at one stage I said to my husband the colour grader went so insane with the hideous orange and teal fad that even the black guys looked like they'd been using Trump's fake tan.