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Peace, man.

Once in a while there comes across that musical that is more than just something comfy to watch. You become enthralled, fall in love with it.
That's what happened with Hair.

It opens beautifully, which is no surprise coming from Milos Forman, who directed another movie before this wonderfully (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest). And you're introduced into these let-loose kind of people, who have their own notion of responsibility and a different outlook at life. At first when they awkwardly confront a man who just helps them, I'm a little weirded out. But as he quickly becomes part of the group, we find out more what kind of a person he is, and he starts to mesh in perfectly with them. Of course though, he's still a little different.

I love all these characters. They are incredibly strange people, but so funny and absolutely endearing even though they're drugged up almost all the time. If I had to pick a favorite out of them it'd be George Berger, but all them are so colorful in personality and have their own kinds of flairs and flaws.
Oh, and even Charlotte Rae shows up in one scene. How awesome isn't that? She has no lines, but her smile alone makes you uplifted.

Most of all of course, the musical numbers. OH. MY. GOD. I never thought I'd find a movie which would seriously battle with Bugsy Malone for which one has the best ones, but this did it! There are a lot, and I mean almost one-a-minute, of songs... and yet not a single one of them are forgettable. Whether it be a comedic edge to it, or sad, they all grab you by the heartstrings. But the winner, as cliché as it may seem, is the title song itself; Hair. How it rolls off the tongue and the way it's sung, it's cinematic excellence.

Suffice to say this has earned all the praise I can shower over it. I award this with a golden platinum 10/10!