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Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby -

Haven't visited this in a while but i knew it would remain a favourite because it is an amazing film. One of the main criticisms of this is that it isn't funny. While i don't agree that it is unfunny even if it was it wouldn't bother me. I don't think it is absolutely hilarious, i don't laugh out loud much now i've seen it a few times but there's so much more i love about the movie that this doesn't matter. There's just something i love about how far out the farce goes, how this turns into a absurdly wacky adventure, i find it so fun. Everytime i return to it i have a good time. I find that Susan and David have intense chemistry, and the fact that they are polar opposites and that David does seem to have genuine contempt for Susan mixed in with his obvious feelings gives the romance a fresh and intriguing turn. I love their interactions, the witty and contemptous banter, i love the idea that someone like Susan Vance could exist. I love that the film makes me empathise with Davids feelings of annoyance towards Susan yet it somehow at the same time makes me find Susan extremely charming and endearing which is a gross contradiction but this film somehow makes it a reality for me. I thoroughly enjoy their wacky adventures and genuinely get a great sense of adventure and excitement out of them. These are just some of the reasons that me not finding this laugh a minute funny is of no importance whatsoever in my enjoyment of this film.

Susan Vance is just the best ever. I know she is often the main problem people have with the film but i don't care. She is probably my second favourite female character in film after Scarlett O'Hara. She's not exactly a progressive, positive representation a female but she is so fun and loveable and i want to marry her then divorce her a few weeks later after she drives me insane, keeping her as a friend but only on Twitter because i can only deal with her in short but delightfully nuts bursts. She is so childish, needy and actually pretty vindictive. Her fascination with David is fascinating to me, it seems to start off as a childish 'i know i annoy him so i'm going to go out of my way to do so', then of course a series of wacky circumstances forces them to stay together. I really couldn't tell you why she falls for David of vice-versa which feels so odd because i know it does come across but it is difficult to put into words why this is the case. They are somehow perfect for each other even though they really shouldn't be. David is a great character too. I've not seen a lot of Grant movies so i can't make any definitive statements but in most i have seen him he has been a cool, suave, charming character. In this he is a neurotic nerd and it is just such a welcome turn, coupled with Susan it works so well. I think Grant gives a genuinely amazing performance here, very underrated IMO. In the film he is quite frankly a dick, he is both mean and petty towards Susan but somehow i don't dislike him, i can feel his perfectly reasonable annoyance with her and just stress at all of the stuff that is and isn't happening to him. He does show genuine care for Susan but it is kept in with the spirit of the nutty story, like the moment he rushes to her home because he thinks she has harmed herself, the truth is he really shouldn't have cared, she was a stranger who he had had two unpleasant experiences with. I think he says it best himself in the middle of telling her he doesn't want to see her again "Well, i admit i'm strangely drawn to you and i don't know why" quickly followed by more put downs. Baby is such a great plot device. I adore how comfortable Susan is with what at the end of the day is an extremely dangerous Leopard with dubious origins. David reacts to it like any normal human being but he manages to come across like the weird one, mostly due to K-Heps perfect performance of a carefree person.

A legitimate criticism of this movie to me would be questioning why any of it happens. It is completely absurd. The characters intentions and actions don't make any sense. And there's really no defence for it other than, because it does. You either get enjoyment out of this madcap adventure or you feel frustrasted, i myself get immense pleasure from it.

While nowhere near as fast as His Girl Friday, the dialogue in this is similar. The everybody has a comeback and an answer to everything; noone in real life speaks like this.And i adore it. Chemistry is the key for this to work in my opinion. Some similar films or shows in my opinion like The West Wing on a bad day for example the dialogue becomes clunky mostly because the characters aren't written very well. Here David and Susan just have such a natural flow, they completely bounce off each other which makes the snappy dialogue entertaining, it works. The ending is legitimately beautiful while not betraying the absurd, screwball nature of the film. I so love how happy Susan is when he admits spending time with her is the best thing he's ever experienced. Also love that it's a bookend to the first scene of the film at the dinosaur replica except with David in a better place now he has someone he truly loves.

Anyway i hope this has explained some of my reasons for finding this a great film, no point in continuing to gush even though i happily would. Also i apologize for the weird stream of consciousness way this is, i just kept thinking of more things to say which is the mark of a great film. I recognize peoples problems with this and they are welcome to them but i don't understand them. Brilliant film.