Phantom Thread   2/12/18
by Camo
That was a great conflict because the real Alma seemed interesting and he was trying to turn her into some proper idea he had of the right woman, so it was impossible not to root for her against this controlling dude who thought of her as a bland piece of fabric he could turn into a beautiful dress.

The Hunt   4/27/17
by Camo
Maybe her parents had spoke to her about adults acting inappropriately, definitely think that contributes to stuff like this at least some of the time, it's a double edged sword: you want your kids to know that adults (or anyone) shouldn't be doing stuff like this to them but in some sense you've gi...

Wings of Desire   4/25/17
by Camo
Some of them were pretty spot on but others i thought were thinking a little too much, by that i mean if you could read my thoughts at a random time of the day i'm sure it wouldn't make much sense because there'd be no context; it's not as if i need to remind myself of what the exact event i'm think...

Like Someone in Love   3/15/17
by Camo
Weird starting place as it's his last film and it is not one of his most acclaimed i don't think, i watched it because i really need to see more foreign language films this decade and after stumbling upon this i thought i should kill two birds with one stone.

The Brood   3/11/17
by Camo
I mean it was used when Frank went to pick his daughter up after talking to the principal and psychologist, it started up before he even left the room i mean such a weird unnecessary thing to do; creepy, intense, exciting, whatever music is a great thing but it has to be used right, just plopping it...

Paisan   3/10/17
by Camo
The very first thing i noticed was Federico Fellini's name appearing several times in the credits at the start, i paused the movie to see what he did for it; he wrote one of the six episodes as well as assistant-directed the film; he filmed the sicilian scenes in Maori.

Day of Wrath   3/03/17
by Camo
It's a great insight into a break from oppression, how much she takes to it to the point that you could just accept this film as a straightforward depiction of a woman becoming a witch, when really it's just her experiencing freedom for the first time in her life.

The Man from Nowhere   1/13/17
by Camo
He didn't really even do anything he just somehow managed to be the coolest character in a film full of cool characters.

American Honey   12/15/16
by Camo
It wasn't a big problem for me i mean the first time i paused the film to answer the film it was nearly two hours in and i didn't think it had been anywhere near that long, still i do think the film could've been done in 2 hours.

Bringing Up Baby   9/24/16
by Camo
I love that the film makes me empathise with Davids feelings of annoyance towards Susan yet it somehow at the same time makes me find Susan extremely charming and endearing which is a gross contradiction but this film somehow makes it a reality for me.

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