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Back to the Future

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October 21st



Back in the past, I can稚 quite recollect ever experiencing this film in full, even though
there is something that tells me I definitely lived through this movie once or twice before.

Unfortunately, the memories are not quite clear enough for me to properly evaluate and thereby enlighten you all about my past experience. But with said, I have since seen this classic a couple of times and my last viewing was almost a year ago. Therefore, in order to present this review properly I must move my mind far back in time, precisely to October 21st 2015, where I have to intellectually revive my viewing of this movie, hopefully resulting in a bright spark inside my head of recollected imagery, which will bring the memories back with me... back to the future!

'Back to the Future' is directed by the cinematic cousin of Steven Spielberg and produced by the actual Steven Spielberg and stars the Heavy Fox and the Great Scott in the leading roles. To a fair share of folks, this movie is either a nostalgic cult classic or classic childhood cinema, but I知 not sure if I fit either of those. I certainly have a weak spot for time travel themes, though mainly when it is being played out as terror opposed to jokes. I also like when movies are kind of complex or mysterious, but it is clear that Robert Zemeckis definitely plays more on what is mostly amusing rather than confusing and the thrill ride more than the mind trip. 'Back to the Future' is wonderfully simple in its set-up and it is perfect as an adventure for the whole family, since the movie plays itself safe though super cool at the same time. Not that it doesn't try anything, but it is all about how it happens rather than what happens and in a way, the audience already know that although we don稚 know it yet and that makes for a fun time-modifying experiment and a terrific movie experience as well. 'Back to the Future' reassures the future for films of the family adventure genre and the story, scenery and soundtrack is something that is instantly recognizable.

Anyways, as stated above the story is simple and pretty much moves straight into the peak of the story only that element doesn't become the peak of the plot until the end. We are at a parking lot, where Doc is testing the DeLorean time machine with the help of Marty. Unfortunately, he stole parts for what makes it all possible, which results in a group of terrorists taking out Doc and leaving Marty to escape into the future by accident. Here he ends up ruining the time where his parents first met and thereby jeopardizing his own future... On the outside, this is a fun and properly paced "period piece" of peculiar proportions, where Marty must fight time itself to rescue his parents and reestablish his own timeline, which is done with a dose of referential humor, self-aware amusements and pure 80s charm... On the other side, this is a twisted story of a young boy's weird relationship with a mentally unstable old man who is shot dead by terrorists and sends this boy back to the past where he ends up in an involuntary incest-based relationship with his own mother, which he must put to an end by reestablishing the spark between his mother and father. He succeeds and thereby selfishly changes things for the better of him and his own family, only to ruin it for others around him in other words, great family fun!

It is always amazing to move a movie plot upside down and turn-table it towards twisted depressing directions. Anyhow, I feel like this film speaks for itself and talking about it apparently isn't that easy. I don't know, I guess most people already know the classic status of this film and trying to find new angles to an already astonishing piece of film-production is probably uncalled for anyways. It is fun, fast-paced and fundamentally perfect in my opinion, though as previously stated, the only thing that drags it down a notch is towards the end, but it is nothing catastrophic and not exactly anything concrete to complain about either. So how about we choose not to complain and instead enjoy the entertainment of this film for what it is and what it does so delightfully well. The film may be about going back to the future, but a majority of the fun is all about finding the ways around the past past or future, this is an 85 movie going 88 miles per hour in a two-hour window, which turns into a 20th century milestone in cinema history and continues straight into the 90s, as well as into a complete trilogy but let痴 not get ahead of ourselves here