Back to the Future   2/01/20
by Citizen Rules
The University of Southern California Film school's writing classes use the screenplay for Back to the Future as the model of "The Perfect Screenplay.

Back to the Future   9/03/16
by MovieMeditation
The film may be about going back to the future, but a majority of the fun is all about finding the ways around the past past or future, this is an 85 movie going 88 miles per hour in a two-hour window, which turns into a 20th century milestone in cinema history and continues straight into the 90s, ...

Back to the Future   6/12/16
by Omnizoa
What if Biff had sex with Lorraine who had sex with Marty and THEN had sex with George, would Marty disappear?

Back to the Future   10/26/15
by Iroquois
However, since Doc's scheme involves scamming a Libyan terrorist cell, they soon come searching for revenge; in all the excitement, Marty is transported back in time to 1955.

Back to the Future   6/05/14
by The Rodent
Through circumstances out of his control, Marty is sent back to 1955 and ends up throwing his own existence into peril when his own mother falls in love with him, rather than falling in love with his father.

Back to the Future   4/03/13
by Skepsis93
Back to the Future has rightly become a cultural touchstone, a shining example of how good old-fashioned Hollywood storytelling can produce magnificently entertaining, smart and funny movies, without pandering to the lowest common denominator.Now that you know #10, feel free to try and predict the r...

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