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September 29th


Learn your A, B, Cs and how to count to one, two, tree
and you will learn what Baraka is and what it can be...

Baraka is an amazing atypical adventure, with beautiful broad backgrounds of characteristic cultural cornerstones. Different and daring depictions and endlessly expressive elegance forms a fundamentally fantastic film. With a gripping and gasping guidance through honest, haunting and heartbreaking imagery, we interplay intelligently with a jaw-dropping and jarring juxtaposition or a king-sized kabbalistic kaleidoscope of loneliness, lucrativeness and life.

A masterful and metaphysical movie that nourishes without nursing nature, opting to overcome omission by painting a pretty painful picture, while proving a point and provoking a few people; with a question of quality over quantity. Both radical rightness and religious righteousness smash silently and seamlessly together, taking the terms of thinking out of uniformity and into the unanswered universe of uncertainty. All vicious vendettas vanish in the wilderness of our world and will whitewash all xenophobia in xenomorphs and xenogenesis alike, with only you, the youth and your zealous mind standing between zero and a zillion years; all the way from Christ to cohesive science and from little cells to entire cities... We are the world and Baraka is the spirit within it...

And of course, one might say that this movie focuses too much on steady and silent pictures of trees instead of talking and teaching us about the world. But there is something for everyone to learn here, and only five minutes into this film you are completely caught up by it, and when it ends you are surprised it wasn't one of those less than sixty-minute wildlife episodes on BBC... Shot on seventy millimeter and with more a lot than eighty days to travel the world, Ron Fricke has captured ninety minutes of pure cinema magic, which will feel new and exciting even ten or twenty years from now... Baraka is forever eternal...