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I recently said in another review that The Searchers was my favorite western of all time. I would like to immediately retract that statement, because soon after writing the review, I saw High Noon.

High Noon is the story of a formal marshall who is shocked to hear that a criminal he once sent off to execution, is coming back for him. He then has only a few hours to recruit as many deputies as he can. The greatest thing about this movie is that it takes place mostly in real time. This was way ahead of its time in 1952 when the film was released. Most of the story follows five different character, the former marshall, his wife, his deputy, his ex-lover, and the men who are waiting to pick up the criminal. The movie switches between all five stories seamlessly, and makes us interested in every one of them. I original applauded The Searchers for being the most straight forward western I had ever seen, and I applaud High Noon for doing exactly the opposite. Gary Cooper played the lead role very well, much better than John Wayne ever has. All of the acting in this film was incredible, especially for its genre. The only problem that I have with this film is that some of the main character look alike, and that confused me.

As of writing, this is the best western I have ever seen. The music, the acting, the writing, the story, everything falls together perfectly. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.