2001: A Space Odyssey   1/22/17
by Nope1172
The "Jupiter Mission" section of this film is probably my favorite of the film's four chapters.

Y tu mamá también   1/16/17
by Nope1172
The ending of this film was definitely a highlight for me, and I was thinking of how much different the movie could have been had they just cut out the very last scene.

Silence   1/15/17
by Nope1172
The film mainly follows Andrew Garfield's character, and the success of the film was largely held on his performance.

Withnail & I   1/14/17
by Nope1172
This is one of those movies that doesn't have a straightforward plot, so if you like movies like that, you will love this film.

Divorce Italian Style   1/09/17
by Nope1172
This film probably had the most laughs of any foreign film I've seen, and it is one of the most enjoyable films I've seen from any country.

The Mummy   8/16/16
by Nope1172
I expected to love films like Dracula and Frankenstein much more, but to me, this is just the superior film.

Hell or High Water   8/15/16
by Nope1172
If anyone has seen the film, I'll be glad to spoiler talk it with you in the thread.

Frankenstein   6/24/16
by Nope1172
I had previously read the Frankenstein novel in school, and I couldn't stop picturing the monster from this movie, despite never seeing it, and the fact that this film came out over a century later.

Dracula   6/24/16
by Nope1172
I think the film would have been much more interesting, and even scarier, if Dracula had given Renfield a much more in depth tour.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice   4/25/16
by Nope1172
Another large problem I had with the film was each characters lack of motivation.

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