High Noon   7/14/21
by Thief
Unlike other westerns, High Noon is a more introspective film as it follows Kane's unsuccessful attempts to recruit a posse to aid him against Miller, while also questioning his own decisions from the past and his current decision to stay and fight.

High Noon   4/18/16
by Citizen Rules
High Noon (1952) Director: Fred Zinnemann Writers: Carl Foreman(screenplay) Cast: Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Thomas Mitchell Genre: Western Length: 85 minutes

High Noon   7/28/15
by Nope1172
I original applauded The Searchers for being the most straight forward western I had ever seen, and I applaud High Noon for doing exactly the opposite.

High Noon   7/19/13
by jal90
I don't really know how much of this is actually true but I feel this was a ground-breaking movie at the time, as shown in its psychological approach, which ties it more to a suspense movie than the western imagery.

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