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July 17th, 2015

Inception. Thriller. Christopher Nolan. 2010.

After basically refusing to watch this film just because of the insane hype regarding it, I decided to give in after getting it for a mere $5 at Target. I came in expecting something very pretentious (definitely an overused word) but instead I came out impressed with this.

The story is very simple (not really). Leo's character has the ability to enter peoples' dreams and is one of the best in the world at doing it. He then makes a deal with a very powerful business-owner to plant an idea in a competitor's mind to shut down their company and in exchange, he will get the charges against him dropped for his wife's death as he is wrongfully accused of it. The movie takes you through everything Leo encounters as you get to see all the twists and turns that he encounters while he is forced to go into someone's dream, in a dream, in a dream.

My thoughts on the film were that it was very complex but it didn't want to make you seem completely lost at any point which I really liked. Some movies make the plot get so deep that everyone is lost an hour in which is a major turn off for me. Although it did make you think quite a bit, it never seemed too deep to lose you. The concept itself was brilliant and it was backed up by great performances from Ellen Page, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and the rest of the star-studded cast. But.. being the Christian Bale fan-boy that I am, I can't help but wonder how well he could have played this role. You'd think that all he and Nolan went through, that he'd be the star of this film. I can't complain though, because Leo is definitely one of my top 10 actors at the moment and pretty much is a guy where all of his movies are now must-sees.

Another thing I can say that I really enjoyed about this were the environments chosen by Nolan. They looked so great, and that stuff made it even more enjoyable. I definitely enjoyed that like most of Nolan's films. The only problem was the pace seemed to get so slow, and it dragged a bit. I think they could have squeezed a good 15 minutes out of this and still made it an amazing film. It might be a small nit-pick, but it really can make a difference in a film.

Overall, it was a very entertaining film and that's what I can come to expect from Nolan. The performances were great, the visuals were amazing, and the dialogue which can sometimes be an issue with Nolan's films was solid. Definitely not buying into the masterpiece hype, but it is one of the better Nolan films that I have seen.