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Chimes at Midnight


Orson Welles, Jeanne Moreau, Margaret Rutherford, John Gielgud View All


Orson Welles (Screenplay), Orson Welles (Director), William Shakespeare (Writer) View All

Release: Mar. 16th, 1965
Runtime: 1 hour, 55 minutes
Henry IV usurps the English throne, sets in motion the factious War of the Roses and now faces a rebellion led by Northumberland scion Hotspur. Henry's heir, Prince Hal, is a ne'er-do-well carouser who drinks and causes mischief with his low-class friends, especially his rotund father figure, John Falstaff. To redeem his title, Hal may have to choose between allegiance to his real father and loyalty to his friend.
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With Chimes at Midnight, Orson Welles plays fast and loose with Shakespeare by creating a film that favours a piecemeal amalgamation of multiple plays rather than a by-the-book adaptation of any particular one.
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Studios did not just grant youngsters like 26 year old Orson full control over a major studio film...but then again Orson Welles was no ordinary 26 year old.