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  1. 07-01-10
    Your top 10 is amazing! You got some great films in there, though I personally would have chosen a different Kubrick... GREAT MOVIES I didn't expect anyone to have: My Own Private Idaho, Red River, and Aguirre: The Wrath of God.
  2. 06-13-10
    Sorry, I accidentally gave you negative rep. I'll make it up to you.
  3. 11-02-09
    I LOVE your top 10 list. It made me want to see Red River even more.
  4. 02-26-09
    Hey Viddy. Just wondering what kind of conversion scale we should use to move your letter grades into 0.0 - 5.0 ratings? We'd like to "tag" some of your posts as reviews so they appear in the User Reviews category, but we need to pick ratings for them. If you just have a general scale (A = 5, B = 4, etc), let me know!
The Maltese Falcon   8/01/11
The character actors of Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet get a lot of screen time, though Bogart is literall

Steamboat Bill, Jr.   8/01/11
The comedy staple of having an aloof bumbling idiot play opposite the irritable and ever-aware straight man is

City Slickers   7/26/11
Real tension is thick with Palance and Crystals characters having absolutely nothing in common or to talk abou

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans   7/24/11
While Langs film is marvelous to look at and probably more imaginative, Sunrise hides the fact that it was fil

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