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Release: Jul. 19th, 2023
Runtime: 3 hours, 1 minute
The story of J. Robert Oppenheimer’s role in the development of the atomic bomb during World War II.
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I hated Nolan in the past, but I just saw Oppenheimer, and I’m here to say… I was wrong. This might not be a transcendent experience but it's a masterpiece all the same. The storytelling, the visuals,...
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Darth Pazuzu
But what I can say is that this was a cinematic experience like no other, and Oppenheimer definitely earns for itself a slot in the pantheon of cinematic all-timers.
I read nothing about Nolan's interest in Oppenheimer, yet the beginning of the film, as well as later sequences, gives the idea that Nolan himself connected deeply with Oppenheimer's character to the extent where the movie, while remaining an Oppenheimer biopic, also feels like Nolan is deconstructi....
Oppenheimer (Nolan, 2023.
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