Oppenheimer   3/01/24
by Thief
This film follows the rise and fall of Oppenheimer from his early studies and his subsequent work on the Manhattan Project, to his 1954 security hearing and the 1959 Senate confirmation hearing of Lewis Strauss (Robert Downey, Jr.) All of the story is anchored in the development, use, proliferation,...

Oppenheimer   9/22/23
by Gideon58
The documentation of the technical aspects of building this bomb (Oppenheimer, BTW, refuses to refer to it as anything but a "device" until it actually comes to fruition) involves a lot of scientific language that boggles the mind, but it is all worth it when that glorious scene comes where the devi...

Oppenheimer   9/19/23
I read nothing about Nolan's interest in Oppenheimer, yet the beginning of the film, as well as later sequences, gives the idea that Nolan himself connected deeply with Oppenheimer's character to the extent where the movie, while remaining an Oppenheimer biopic, also feels like Nolan is deconstructi...

Oppenheimer   8/08/23
by donniedarko
Oppenheimer (Nolan, 2023)

Oppenheimer   8/02/23
by Darth Pazuzu
I also loved the performance of Matt Damon as General Leslie Groves, who brings Oppenheimer onto the Manhattan Project, isn't entirely trusting of Oppenheimer but grows to respect him.

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