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Before Sunset


Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Vernon Dobtcheff, Louise Lemoine Torrès View All


Richard Linklater (Screenplay), Richard Linklater (Director), Richard Linklater (Story), Kim Krizan (Story) View All

Release: Feb. 10th, 2004
Runtime: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Nine years ago two strangers met by chance and spent a night in Vienna that ended before sunrise. They are about to meet for the first time since. Now they have one afternoon to find out if they belong together.
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What Im trying to say here, is how it just felt a little weird seeing Jessie and Celine meet at this mid-point in their lives in a state of mind and soul, where they were both living at a very different place in their respective lives.
However spending an hour and a half with no one but these two people was not the pleasure it was the first time around, and at times was insufferable.
It's all in the synopsis. Linklater finds some life-glue in this. It sticks to you. He found some top class collaborators too. Vive la diference - then live through it..