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Paris, Texas


Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski, Dean Stockwell, Hunter Carson View All


Wim Wenders (Director), Sam Shepard (Writer), L.M. Kit Carson (Writer) View All

Release: May 19th, 1984
Runtime: 2 hours, 27 minutes
A man wanders out of the desert not knowing who he is. His brother finds him, and helps to pull his memory back of the life he led before he walked out on his family and disappeared four years earlier.
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The 1984 Wim Wenders movie Paris Texas is a film I have never forgotten. although few words are said in the film The emotions of the characters are deeply felt as Travis tries to reconnect with his so...
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SPOILER I really enjoyed the movie but didn't understand the ending. When Travis reunited his son with the mother, why did Travis drive away at the end? His son developed a big connection with hi...

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There are a pair of scenes in this movie that Roger Ebert has singled out as among the best monologues in film history (I have shared a link to a portion of one of those scenes above.) I have rated this film as a five for the following reasons: The script is fantastic, the acting is good, the direct....
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As strange as it might seem I don't really remember the movie after a week but like Harry Dean Stanton's character I know something real important took place.


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