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2001: A Space Odyssey


Keir Dullea, Douglas Rain, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester View All


Stanley Kubrick (Screenplay), Arthur C. Clarke (Screenplay), Stanley Kubrick (Director) View All

Released: Apr. 5th, 1968
Runtime: 2 hours, 29 minutes
Humanity finds a mysterious object buried beneath the lunar surface and sets off to find its origins with the help of HAL 9000, the world's most advanced super computer.
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The film seamlessly travels from story to story and literally takes the audience on a trip through time and space. I think my personal favorite scene in the film is the one of the moon when the scientists are viewing the monolith.
There's no warmth here, and I find that can be a feature of several Kubrick films. They're often clinical looks at a certain topic, leading to a complete lack of emotion. Aside from the good things, however, it's rather self-indulgent.
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