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Day of Wrath


Preben Lerdorff Rye, Lisbeth Movin, Thorkild Roose, Olaf Ussing View All


Carl Theodor Dreyer (Screenplay), Carl Theodor Dreyer (Director), Mogens Skot-Hansen (Writer), Poul Knudsen (Writer) View All

Release: Sep. 13th, 1943
Runtime: 1 hour, 37 minutes
In a Danish village in the early 1600s, a young woman named Anne, whose mother was thought to be a witch, develops sympathy toward an old woman, Marte, who is accused of witchcraft. The intervention of Anne's older but kindly husband, Pastor Absalon saved her mother -- but now, urged on by his overbearing mother, he refuses to help Marte. When Absalon's son returns home and is attracted to Anne, it's a matter of time before her family destiny...
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It's a great insight into a break from oppression, how much she takes to it to the point that you could just accept this film as a straightforward depiction of a woman becoming a witch, when really it's just her experiencing freedom for the first time in her life.
As Herlofs Marta is tortured and draws closer to her execution, she begs Absalon to spare her life, as he spared the life of Anne's mother years before.
Citizen Rules
Set in the dark days of 17th century Denmark...a time when women were powerless and the church and the men who called themselves holy had the power of life and death over those poor souls accused of witchcraft.
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