Day of Wrath   10/16/21
by Takoma11
As Herlofs Marta is tortured and draws closer to her execution, she begs Absalon to spare her life, as he spared the life of Anne's mother years before.

Day of Wrath   1/27/18
by Citizen Rules
The people speak in slow weighted speech, as if their entire world is dark and bleak and each second is an entirety...Only when Anne falls in love with Martin does the tone lighten some...but even then it's a foreboding happiness and the heady atmosphere of despair fills each scene, layered on ...

Day of Wrath   6/18/17
by Nestorio_Miklos
He saved his second wife's mother from burning at the stake only to marry Anne who didn't love him and married him out of gratitude.

Day of Wrath   3/03/17
by Camo
What it was best for was showing Anne separating herself from her existance as a repressed reverand's wife, her actually experiencing love and joy changing her personality completely, for the better in our eyes but a drastic change in those days especially towards what would be considered bad behavi...

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