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Release: Oct. 8th, 2004
Runtime: 1 hour, 19 minutes
Friends and fledgling entrepreneurs invent a device in their garage which reduces the apparent mass of any object placed inside it, but they discover that it has some highly unexpected capabilities - ones that could enable them to do and to have seemingly anything they want. Taking advantage of this unique opportunity is the first challenge they face. Dealing with the consequences is the next.
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2 Primer
Has anyone seen this website: ( )? According to an article on Chud, it's promoting this movie: ( ). I remember Eternal Sunshine did this sort of thing too with Lacuna Inc. Anyone else remember any...
2 Primer
I just received this movie from Netflix. Has anyone seen this movie? I haven't watched it yet. ...

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When talking about films that I personally connect with, Primer is one of the first films that come to my mind.
This is a low budget movie from first time director Shane Carruth and based on that it is a really good film.
I heard that Primer is one of those films that requires multiple viewings to get, so naturally I was not especially enthused with that first viewing (after all the hype about its four-figure budget and unusually hard approach to sci-fi, I was left thinking "Is that it?") I've finally gotten around t....
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