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  1. 05-04-15
    Re: your review submission. We actually can't accept multiple reviews in one post. Has to be both a decent length (not counting plot description) and the only review in the post. Just FYI.
Interstellar   6/26/15
The visuals that transpire throughout the film are lovely, but our ending is where they really shine and I hav

Rampage   6/11/15
In the midst of the whole Uwe freak-out fiasco that's happened over the past week, I kept seeing people referr

Starry Eyes   5/18/15
With silly decisions and cliche character and story elements, I'm left feeling less enthusiastic about this on

Frank   5/18/15
The film tells the story of a young, passionate keyboard player named Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) who wants nothing

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