Interstellar   6/26/15
by Carbs
The visuals that transpire throughout the film are lovely, but our ending is where they really shine and I have to think that if Nolan had given his editor a bit more leeway with the shears, the near three hour Interstellar could've been a monster at that year's Academy Awards.

Rampage   6/11/15
by Carbs
In the midst of the whole Uwe freak-out fiasco that's happened over the past week, I kept seeing people referring to this movie Rampage to prove that he'd made something worthwhile.

Starry Eyes   5/18/15
by Carbs
With silly decisions and cliche character and story elements, I'm left feeling less enthusiastic about this one than I really want to be as I love the first half of the film and want to be on its side.

Frank   5/18/15
by Carbs
The film tells the story of a young, passionate keyboard player named Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) who wants nothing else but to play music despite being a tad mediocre and knowing it.

Death Wish   5/18/15
by Carbs
The first twenty minutes actually trick you into thinking that the rest of the film is going to be decent, or at the very least coherent.

They Came Together   5/04/15
by Carbs
Consisting of only a handful of true laugh out loud moments and relying on goofy cameos towards the end to hold your attention, They Came Together ends up being as lousy as the films it puts down.

Falling Down   5/03/15
by Carbs
The film toes the line well here and manages to keep you on D-Fens's side despite some questionable actions.

Avengers: Age of Ultron   5/02/15
by Carbs
Originally, I was under the assumption that all of the single character movies leading up to this (Thor, Cap 2, etc.) all had to be watched to understand what was going on in this one.

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