More Realistic World War 2 Movies?


What are the most Realistic Movies of World War 2 that show the True Horrors of War with more Graphic content? is there any Movie like this?

This is a tougher question than you might expect. What we think we know about WW2 we have largely learned via watching movies and sanitized B/W documentary reels which were produced as propaganda. Moreover, we focus on certain narratives. England keeps writing love-letters to herself through film (e.g., Dunkirk) and Americans keep asking us to imagine multicultural scrappy Yanks storming Omaha Beach (e.g., Saving Private Ryan). Unless you were there (and at this point memory would be highly suspect) or an historian of the war who has marinated, for decades, in the texts that were left behind, my guess is that our "candidates" for authenticity reflect our prejudices about the "reality" of the war (e.g., sepia tone. Everything was DEFINITELY sepia tone). So, I am going to say that I don't have the slightest clue and neither does anyone else.

'Come and See'. Yes it's one sided and surreal in places. But you also see the sheer, real terror a boy goes through when real bullets are flying half a metre above his head in a field.

'The Battle of Algiers' obvioulsy. Using real war figures in the cast.

'The City of Life and Death'. Some of the scenes and sounds are extremely disturnongly real.

'Land of Mine'

'Quo Vadis Aida'

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Das boot
Band of brothers - tv series

How graphic are we talking? I would say Schindler's List

Letters From Iwo Jima - that's a realistic version from the Japanese POV

The Pacific miniseries is also realistic.

My vote would be for the first 9 minutes of Saving Private Ryan, hitting the beach. The sequence where a traumatized soldier is looking for his severed arm, finds it and walks away in a daze is about as visceral as it gets.