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Star Trek 4 - The Wrath of Reboot


Yep, Star Trek 4 from the JJ-Verse, which would have seen Pine's Kirk time travelling and meeting his father played by Chris Hemsworth, has been shelved.

Tarantino's movie that would probably have been called "Muthaf*ckin' Star Muthaf*ckin' Trek, Muthaf*ucka!", has also been shelved.

Noah Hawley (Fargo and Legion TV series's's's)... is heading up the new-reboot, and improved-reboot, 14th reboot of the Star Trek reboot movie series.

It's a totally new story, totally new cast, and totally new sheet of characters.
Hawley has been penning an "astronaut" movie, but due to concerns from the studio that nobody would be interested in a new idea, it has been repurposed to be a rebooted Star Trek reboot movie.


No news as yet to release date.

Welcome to the human race...
Didn't Hawley already make an astronaut movie last year that nobody liked?

In any case, I'm skeptical. I enjoyed the Fargo series well enough, but I definitely felt like I was forcing myself to finish season one of Legion (and honestly can't remember if I ever started season two) in spite of its novel approach to X-Men so the prospect of him covering something similarly out-there with a Trek movie...ehh.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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The trick is not minding
This isn’t a surprise. They’ve been stalled for awhile now and the future has been in doubt since at least last year.
I was never a fan of the reboot series Anyways.