Name of a 1990s Bill Pullman movie in which he has a dual role


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I am trying to recall the name of a 1990s (I guess) movie in which Bill Pullman plays the roles of both an ordinary citizen and (due to extraordinary circimstances) the President of the United States.

In the movie, the true President goes through an unexpected and severe medical condition which makes impossible for him continuing his normal presidential activities. At that point, the Scret Service (if I recall correctly) contacts Bill Pullman who is an ordinary citizen that happens to be identical to the President and is asked to impersonate him as long as the President is ill.

I performed a search of Bill Pulman's filmology via IMDB, but somehow none of the movies names there shown rings a bell to me for the particular case I am interested in.

Your help will be highly appreciated, fellows!

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I think you're mistaking who the actor is. That sounds like Dave, which stars Kevin Kline.
I think you're absolutely correct. And the confusion maybe comes from Bill Pullman having played the President in Independence Day which came out a few years later.

Miss Vicky/Holden Pike/Takoma11,

You are absolutely right! It was Kevin Kline all the time!

I believe my neurons played a trick on me. And yes, the fact that Pullman acted as President in another film and perhaps that (in my eyes) Kline and Pullman bear a certain resemblance to each other may be the explanation.

I am most grateful to you all since this is a movie I really enjoyed back then and want to watch again.

Warm regards to you all from Madrid (Spain).

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I loved Dave as well! I can see a certain resemblance they both share as well!

You bet, Yoda! This information was most useful to me. I find fellows in this forum to be really helpful. Thanks a lot.