Will How to Train Your Dragon end up as one of the best trilogies?


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You know how people usually say Toy Story is up there with the best trilogies like LotR, the Dark Knight or Bourne? Do you think How to Train Your Dragon will end up the same way?

I think it might, but only if they go for a more bittersweet tone. Will that be the case? Who knows. Depends on whether Dreamworks is still willing to butcher good movies for the sake of keeping a franchise afloat. Maybe "butcher" is stretching it, but you get the idea.

The biggest reason I'm still looking forward to httyd 3 is because the second movie felt like the perfecf setup. Sure, it wasn't as good as the first, but it showed themes of Hiccup running away from reality, and reality catching up to kick him in the nuts. The sentence "hopelessly clinging to childhood" keeps popping into my mind. These themes have lots of room to be expanded upon in the third movie.

Maybe it's too early to talk about all of this since we don't even have a trailer for the third movie, but I think it's worth discussing.

For me... Dont think so. Not even close. If i consider just animated movies, Toy Story is miles ahead. If Wreck it Ralph gets a trilogy, I have more hopes on that one. Although the new one is quite a long way away. The first one was mind blowingly amazing.
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I'm not sure if it will be one of the best trilogies of ALL TIME. The first two were certainly fantastic animated films, but I don't know if they have much staying power.

The third HTTYD would have to really pack a punch to hold a candle to the Toy Story franchise. Not that HTTYD isn't good, in my personal opinion its scope and storytelling is vastly superior to Toy Story, but Toy Story (3 especially) came out at the perfect time for people to relish in the nostalgia of it all.
Honestly, I think it'd have to be marketed perfectly to draw people in. Animated feature films are, unfortunately, all about marketing these days. 3rd installments especially rely on it. Even if they're fantastic films (See Kung-Fu Panda 3), if they're not drilled into the public's head like the Despicable Me/Minions franchise or plastered everywhere like Frozen, it won't really stick around.

However, that's all strictly monetarily speaking.

As for story, HTTYD 2 is on-par with Toy Story 2, with seamless continuation and strong purpose. I don't think HTTYD 3 would have to do *much* to surpass Toy Story 3, just keep up developing strong supporting characters, and presenting real problems that aren't outlandish or feel tacked on (which is how I felt about Toy Story 3!)

On the whole, I really hope HTTYD will withstand the throws of time. It just needs to be neatly wrapped up at the third installment, like Toy Story was. I have hope for it yet.

Wreck It Ralph 2 on the other hand... It has potential, both to flourish and flop! The first was such a strong self-contained story. It can't rely too heavily on pop-culture references!! We'll see... weeee'll seeeee....

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I agree with you, I think it may be hit or miss, I hope it is good though Beacause I like Jay Baruchel, his best film was Fanboys!
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