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What home invasion movie?


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I've been looking for this movie. Not a supergood movie, but I need to find it. My memory of it it very vague.
Its from north America.
Should be from around 2010ish.
Plot, i think it was about homeinvasion/kidnapping/extortion.
The end, was some kind of plottwist, that one of the criminals father worked at this place/house.
That is all I got at this moment!
Thanks in advance.

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it can't be Trespass 2011 ?
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Genyav : Thanks for your suggestion, but its not that one.
I can add, that its more young people in the movie. I think they kidnap or abduct, and then they move them to this house.

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Genyav : I thought it was Restraint at first :
But it was not ! I watched all of the lists, but didnt find it. Thanks though. It seems like I've missed something , so it makes it to hard to find!

Redwell: : No not hostage, thanks for your input though.

Love Marks comments on the likelihood of genyav's answers being correct haha. Has genyav only posted in the Movie Questions section? Fair enough if so, it's cool having someone that likes helping people out as much as him: think i've repped every one of his posts i've seen before it's turned out true or not.

Prisoners ?

... is a very good movie that vaguely matches your description. It's about a kidnapping.

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Thanks for tips, but its none of those.
Still trying to remember some more parts that can make it easier to identify.
But still its the ending, with something about the one kid doing all the kidnapping /extortion was familiar with the place, because his dad did some work on the place or something.

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I got some more info,
I think the dad went into a safe in the end and made the discovery that the son was involed.

And when the dad made the discovery, there was a lot of glazing in the house and daylight outside.

I dont know if this make any differences.

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Hey, no, its not -you┤re next.

It could be The Aggression Scale but different to what you remember, it's got money dealings in with one of the family involved in the money stealing side.