Black and White movie set amidst a heat-wave


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Can anyone help me to identify this movie:

It's a black and white and I believe the lead male actor was James Stewart. The female lead is a platinum blonde and if I recall correctly he is a detective solving a murder which the female is accused of committing. She possibly begins to seduce him and he starts to fall for her charmes. There is a heat wave that hits the city and the cast are seen with their collars undone, frequently references to the heat-wave.

As mentioned, I'm sure that James Stewart was the lead but I've checked his filmography but I cannot identify the movie.

Any ideas?



I would guess an imagined amalgam of Rear Window and Key Largo? But there is no Jimmy Stewart movie exactly like the one described.
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How about Heat Wave? Stewart isn't in it, as it instead has Alex Nicol in the lead. It has a platinum blonde (played by Hillary Brooke) and a murder plot, which to the downfall of the film, is pretty run-of-the-mill overall. The film is set during a heat wave, but I think the title might have clued you in to that already!

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I think you are confused with a Twilight one episode called "the Midnight Sun"?

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Thanks for the replies.

Rear Window is what I had initially thought was the movie when I checked Stewart's filmography, but it isn't this.

Heat Wave - is a British movie, the one in question was set in the US.

Key Largo - this isn't it either - looks too early.

Twiglight 'Midnight Sun' - I can't find a clip of this but I am certain it was a full-length movie

Could you be conflating Rear Window and Vertigo? For years, I would catch snippets of A River Runs Through It and Legends of the Fall on television, and think that they were a single film with a very convoluted plot.