How to Train Your Dragon 3, Anyone Interested?


Just out of curiosity, who in the forums are interested in HOTYD3?

According to Wikipedia, the How to Train Your Dragon series is meant to be a trilogy with the third giving us, the audience an explanation why the dragons disappeared as well as picking up from where the last one HOTYD2 ended off at. As far as we know, there is no exact date for the last of the trilogy.

Please hold your applause till after the me.
Is that even a question , of course I'm looking forward to How to Train Your Dragon 3, I think that these movies are Dream Works best animated films, yes even better then Shrek.

Sorry for the obvious. I'm just curious how many people are even interested in the HOTYD series.

I liked the first two How to Train Your Dragon movies, but I'm not a fanatic about them. I'll see the third movie when it's released on DVD or cable.

I need to watch the first two first and it seems like the only way to do that for the first is to take the gamble and buy DVD of a movie I don't know if I'll like, which I'm not keen on doing.

I'm very interested in the series itself, I just wish Dreamworks would put the first on Netflix already.