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Hoop Dreams (1994)

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Hoop Dreams

I liked it, but I've not seen it since 94/95. I thought it was good but, like you, I've never felt the need to watch it again. I do have it on video somewhere, though.
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I love it but admittedly I have never rewatched it. Part of the greatness is certainly the amount of time it took to make this. It is like the real life Boyhood. I really enjoyed watching the two boys journey and it gives you a great look into the mind of High School athletes. I think it will place very high on the countdown but I don't know about winning. I should probably rewatch to see exactly where I want it on my list.

I almost watched this a couple nights ago, until I saw how long it was. I'm still going to watch it in time for the documentary countdown, on a day off.

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I remember it, especially at that age I was really in a hoops fervor and all you heard about was this movie. I can't remember anything moving about it, except rooting for Sebastian Telfair in the NBA for some unknown reason.

Told you I didn't remember anything.

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The best part of the movie is the last hour. Very exciting and I didn't see that coming! As of now, it's not on my list.
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Amazing Documentary completely deserving of it's praise. Like Mark i think the last hour is best but i love it all. I doubt it will top the Countdown, i'd be fine if it did though. I say it'll finish top 20.

Also i have rewatched it and liked it just as much the second time.

Finished it this morning, and this is a copy of my post in the rate the last movie thread-

Hoop Dreams (1994)

Very good documentary, but I didn't find it to be as dramatic as I expected. The two boys are pretty good boys, but I kind of thought they were underachievers. I was rooting for them, but I didn't feel that they worked as hard as they could, to be the best that they could be. This prevented me from being completely involved with their characters. Of course, they're dealing with a very tough environment. I remember Cabrini Green from growing up in Chicago. Mayor Jane Byrne spent a night there once back in 1981, and a song came out about it. I remember that it went-Cabrini Green where the mayor sleeps.....It was very funny, but I can't find it anywhere. I found it very interesting seeing the recruitment process play out, and also how the families supported their sons. Those were my two favorite aspects of the movie. It's a little long at just a shade under three hours.

Sexy, don't you think your ignoring the fact that this movie was made over years and is about children? There was no way for the film makers to know what these kids personalities would be or how their basketball careers would play out. I agree it is not the most entertaining movie but everything of value doesn't have to be. The process alone here is pretty compelling.

I haven't seen this in a really long time but I soaked it up. My favorite Documentaries are sports topics. I eat up most of the 30 for 30s. But this one is special to me because I've played basketball my whole life all the way through college. (One of the few things I am really good at ha). I forget what grade I was in early high school late middle school? But I had to do a book report so this was one of the only times I read a book before I watched the movie. I think they wrote the book after the fact but I didn't even know it was a documentary until after I read it. I am not much of a reader but I couldn't put the book down. Once I found out it was a movie I was captivated by it. It isn't very rewatchable thou. Haven't seen it since or wanted to.

I do have a special connection with it. My favorite basketball documentary however is the Bird and Magic one HBO did.
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