Looking for movie robbery


Im thinking of a movie like a bank or biulding robbery 10 or so years ago i just rember that the guys or guy that did it wernt found cause wernt till the day after he came out where he hid behind a wall or under the floor , thats all i rember been looking at alot thinking was chaos but was wrong
Thanks in advance

Dam guys ! Really that fast wish i had the memory so many good movies

My name's Bobby Peru, like the country.
Jeese, were you guys waiting for this question?
"A flying saucer? You mean the kind from up there?"
"Yeah, either that or its counterpart"

Their assumption was that Jerry was already dead when I arrived, and I just nodded my head. What else could I tell them? "He had to do it, Officer, or else he would’ve turned into a worm-monster and been very unhappy."

Nah, we're just damn good.

I've done a few quicker than that in the past, I had one once where I knew the answer just by the thread name. Yods was just a bit quicker at typing today though.