Just seen The World's End. Better than Hot Fuzz?


I think it is better than Hot Fuzz, but not as good as Shaun of The Dead. There is a lot of humour in The World's End, just like Shaun of the Dead, plus they both have a great amount of heart and affection. With Hot Fuzz, it was just unfunny and boring...
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Finished here. It's been fun.
I liked Hot Fuzz much more personally. It's easily my favorite of the trilogy. I thought The World's End was great for the first 40 minutes or so but then it kind of ran out of steam once it turned into non-stop action.

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Hot Fuzz is just about perfection. for what it is anyway. Shaun of the Dead just behind Hot Fuzz, and World's End is good but a long long way off the first two. That's my opinion anyway.

Hot Fuzz 10/10 (special mention to the "Point Break" parody LOL!)
SOTD 9/10
World's End 6.5-7/10 (Can't help but think it would be better with no Robot's)

I liked Hot Fuzz much more personally. It's easily my favorite of the trilogy. I thought The World's End was great for the first 40 minutes or so but then it kind of ran out of steam once it turned into non-stop action.
It wasn't non-stop action, it was action with great humour, which is what I've really liked about Edgar Wright.

Hot Fuzz is my favourite out of the trilogy, adore all three films but Hot Fuzz is way out there for me and it resonates a bit with me because for most of my life I use to live in the type of 'crime free small English village/town' that the film is set in and loved the making fun of certain stereotypes/aspects(Village of the Year, the weird farmers and so on) that these places have and I use to see around. We also as children imagined the members of the Womens Institute and Church having a secret society or something like that.

An absolutely hilarious film for me.

For me it's Hot Fuzz then The World's End then Shaun of the Dead.

We've gone on holiday by mistake
Hot Fuzz really hits the nail on the head as far as the political correctness of the UK police. Can't use the word "manpower" because it's sexist etc.

I thought Hot Fuzz was terrific. Shaun of the Dead is in my top 100, so I kinda like it too. I think I'll give this a re-watch, but as of now I'd put it way below those two and even put it well below Paul, at this point. Matter of fact, I liked Paul a lot more than Hot Fuzz to be totally honest.
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I gave The World's End a 9.5, Shaun of the Dead a 9 and Hot Fuzz a 7.5 (still very good, just a very distant third for the trilogy).
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Hot Fuzz had more cogency and overall flair than The World's End. The latter seemed to lose some of its energy in the latter half, whereas the former managed to stay consistently fresh and engrossing right until the end.

It was pacing that makes Hot Fuzz the better film.

Watched The Worlds End tonight. Frost and Pegg are back on form after the abomination that was Paul, though not quiet Hot Fuzz form for me.

When I first saw the trailer for The Worlds End I just knew that it wasn't going to be up to the usual standard of the previous two films in the Cornetto Trilogy. I still went to see it at the cinema as i thought it at least deserved a chance to prove me wrong (which I hoped it would!), but unfortunately that just didn't happen. It just seemed to lack those "laugh out loud" moments the other two movies were full of, and I think making Simon Pegg the fool and Nick Frost the more sensible of the two was a bad move in all honesty as it just didn't feel right.

Hot Fuzz - 8.5/10

Shaun Of The Dead - 8/10

The Worlds End - 6/10

I had never seen The Worlds End until I went to an indie cinema and I watched all three films back to back so it was an interesting experience to see how the films progressed and how the actors took on new roles from one film to the next.

For me TWE was not as good as Shaun of the Dead but it was better than Hot Fuzz. One of the reasons TWE really worked for me was near to the end, I will put it in spoilers so as not ruin it for others:

WARNING: "Spoiler" spoilers below
At the end when Gary and Andy are in the bar Gary is determined to get the final pint of The Golden Mile, I can't remember the line word for word but Andy asks why it is so important to Gary, Gary screams out that it is all he has left, that he is told when to go to bed and he is wearing a long sleeved shirt to show where he has tried to hurt himself, it just really hit me and if nothing else it showed just a wonderful moment of venerability I have not seen in many films.

The end was good, initially I thought the end of TWE was stupid and wrapped it up in a sloppy way but I thought the conversation with Gary and computer was just fantastic especially the line "Oh f**k off, you big lamp!", I don't know why but I love that line.

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Hell no. Hot Fuzz has some of the best linguistic humor i've ever seen and probably ever will see. I notice something different about it every time I watch it which is a LOT. It only gets better with each viewing and I definitely recommend watching it at least a second time. The World's End was just alright, none of the characters were even particularly likeable and they were extremely one dimensional while conflict just seemed so obvious and predictable.

We all need to agree that Hot Fuzz is the best of the three. It's for the greater good.

But this is a film all about returning, and the minutiae are there. Theyĺre just invisible on a first viewing..