Real Steel = Greatest Movie Ever


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Who thinks Real Steel is the greatest movie ever? The classic underdog story but set in the near future , with robots fighting................can it get any better? no!

Young Skywalker. Missed you, I have...
Who thinks Real Steel is the greatest movie ever?
That would apparently be you. I like the movie. I bought it, and haven't watched it all the way through since. It puts me to sleep..... I don't really know why. I liked the cast and the robots looked cool.
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Real Steel is in my stack of unwatched. I'll be going into it with positive expectations, but I doubt it's going to replace The Dark Knight trilogy as an all time favorite of mine.

I haven't seen it but based on Doug Walker's review (with whom I agree 90% of the time) it should be a fun flick but the best movie ever? That's a bold claim.


Ok I went ahead and saw the movie. It was fun, as anticipated, and the idea of robot boxing is really, really cool. The problem is, the movie's storyline is cliche-ridden. All the time I was like: "oh geez, I wonder what will happen next?" and then: "Oh yeah, exactly what I expected to happen". Also, the acting was mediocre at best. It'd give it a
because it wants to give the audience what the audience wants, and at that it delivers.