Country of origin


Home country
20 votes
United States and Canada
17 votes
UK, Australia and New Zealand
1 votes
France and Belgium
0 votes
Germany and Austria
1 votes
0 votes
Japan and Korea
1 votes
Russia and other former USSR states
3 votes
Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic
0 votes
Spain and Spanish speaking countries
2 votes
Brazil and Portugal
1 votes
5 votes
Other countries
51 votes. You may not vote on this poll

What's your home country? Put the country where you lived for the most time if you have lived in several different countries. I will post a set of countries which I think there is the greater probability of someone living there. Sorry for any near easterners and Chinese in the forum.

I have the impression that this forum is not very international at least if compared to some others.

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I'm hailing from Poland!

I will post a set of countries which I think there is the greater probability of someone living there.
Low probability that someone from Poland would go living to Slovakia, Czech Republic or Hungary and vice versa. Unless, it was due to love or something like that. Poles mostly go abroad looking for work to Germany, Ireland, England and Netherlands.
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United Kingdom, England has been my home for all my life and it's where I would like to stay for the rest of my life as my main home.

Britain... I'm English on paper but class myself as British.

Got blood from all over these Islands in the family, born and bred in different places, England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and I've lived all over as well, so British is me.

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I've got English, Irish and French family, but class myself as English and all the houses I've lived in have been around England - very close to Scotland at one point.

English born and raised with a small dose of Irish blood
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