The Expendables 3


I follow Stallone on Twitter... and recently I posted about a Tweet in my Movie News I've Learned Today... that Stallone may bring his upcoming director/writer daughter in on Expendables 3... there's also been a bit of banter on JayDee's Reviews Thread too (I think it was JayDee's thread)...

A short time later, Stallone confirmed that Ex3 is under way in the writing department... so you heard it from me first in Movie News I've Learned Today...

So Ex3 is defo on its way...

So may as well get a thread going on it...

Here's what else I've dug up so far.

Steven Seagal has definitely been offered a role by Stallone, no news on his reply though...

... Chuck Norris won't be coming back.

Nicholas Cage has been confirmed and Cage is apparently "up for it". Whether this is just rumour or not, who knows, but it sounds promising.

Mickey Rourke might return, alongside Schwarzenegger and Willis... but all three are possibles rather than definites.

Here's some exciting news though... Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and possibly... Mr T... have all been approached.
Wesley Snipes and Jackie Chan have been approached too... no news yet as to whether any of them have said yes or not...

Autumn 2013, yes this year, is the pencilled-in shooting start time for Ex3... release hopefully in 2014.

I liked the first two a lot, can't wait for this. I thought the second was far better than the original, so hopefully the third will be the best.

Vinnie Jones (Snatch, Gone In 60 Seconds, X-Men The Last Stand and Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels) has also confirmed that's he's been approached by Stallone.

I thought they all belong to the museum

Expendables 2 completely killed my interest in these films, didn't mind the first film, set everything up and it had a point, Expendables 2 just seemed to do nothing except drag I found. Too much talking; not in the corny sense either, too much nostalgia, too much Liam Hemsworth with little in terms of action, jean claude van damme, and original one liners.

If they want to make the ultimate tribute for the 80's action film they need to look beyond expanding the cast with another name. I'd rather have a decent bad guy('s) like Robert Davi, Steven Berkoff or James Woods, one of the big name action directors from that era like McTiernan (even though he's in prison), Cameron (would never happen now) or John Woo, less conversations more one liners, and less CGI, more corny real action.

Problem with the Expendables is its selling point, there are too many stars and the best 80's action films have only one or two stars but more importantly, a bigger threat. Look at Die Hard, Under Siege, Con Air, The Rock, Running Man, Hard Boiled, Eraser, Predator etc. Its the typical David vs Goliath story of winning against the odds. The Expendables 2 is 10 guys vs Jean Claude Van Damme, boring.

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Gary Busey should be the villain.
"George, this is a little too much for me. Escaped convicts, fugitive sex... I've got a cockfight to focus on."

Good whiskey make jackrabbit slap de bear.
I'd love to see a movie where a bunch of past action movie villains are brought back to life in the future and begin to wreak havoc on the futuristic society. I'm talking Hans Gruber, Bennett from Commando, Bill Strannix, Mr Joshua, Joshua Foss and Eric Qualen. And it's up to the heroes from each of those original films to bring 'em down. It's a bit Demolition Man-ish and it would be terrible, but I'd be damned if I didn't watch it.

Precious tritium is what makes this project go.
There's only one man who can save this franchise...

Oxfords not brogues.

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Not sure how they can improve this franchise. The last movie was pretty meh but it was watchable. Original was still the best.

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Yeah, but it's this guy...

Sorry Tyler but I'm struggling to see your man making the grade for the next Expendables film. At least going by this recent photo when he met with Vladimir Putin.

Seagal got big! Real big!

Is it me, or is Segal looking at Putin the way I look at Big Macs? And if I remember correctly Segal will not appear in an Expendables movie over huge fight with Millennium films duing the filming of his straight to DVD movie Mercenary for Justice. They swore never to work together again. Hence why even though they were in Jefferson Parish for half of the first movie, there was no Segal.

I don't get these movies. I mean, I'm more than capable of enjoying the kind of movie these want to be. But everything feels like a pale imitation of that. The one-liners aren't particularly funny, even in a hyper-self-aware, goofy way (there are 2-3 decent ones per movie, I suppose). And it actually isn't ridiculous enough most of the time. Meh.

I watched the first because I thought it'd be fun, and it felt like a first cut. I watched the second because someone gave me a copy and I heard it was a little more ridiculous, but it felt the same way. Think I'll skip the third, if and when it happens.