Movie Theme Holiday Schedule:


Which schedule do you prefer?
4 votes
All of Oct, the week of Thanksgiving, and all of Dec?
14 votes
One week for each of the three holidays?
4 votes
Take all three months off?
21 votes. You may not vote on this poll

Choose which you would prefer, and why.

Last year I do believe we took one week for each holiday. Halloween is on Sunday, though, so it throws it off a bit.

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Well, I have Thanksgiving in NOVEMBER, so I wouldn't be a part in that specialized event.

But the week thing works for me.
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I like the idea of having all of October and December off... and just the week of Thanksgiving or skip it all together... those who wanted to could use a Thanksgiving avatar that week or just for that day... my reason being that basically Thanksgiving is only celebrated in America and Canada... but almost everywhere celebrates Christmas in one form or another... and even those members who live in countries that don't celebrate Halloween, seem to like having fun with it on here....
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I agree with HK, I'm good with whatever.
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As I said, I'm fine with that. Any of the options are good with me, I just picked the one with the least interruption of 'the game'.
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I went with number 2, though it really doesnt matter. Thanksgiving is earlier up here, but its not really a big deal. just a big dinner.

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I like option number two. I like changing up weekly. Sometimes daily.
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I also wonder if Justin, Cries&Whispers, and journeyowns are still in this. I have roughly 10 days to get this all worked out.

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I went with number 2, but I'm fine with any of them.
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Xui Wan

OK, I never heard from these people. Some on if they are still in this or not, and the others on what they want for the schedule. I don't see all of them going on the other vote, so option two is the schedule.