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What's your level of movie consumption?


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In all platforms: theatre, DVD, internet, television, etc etc.

One a year?
I include this only in the honor of Noam Chomsky who, yes, only sees one film a year.

One a month?
You're investing your time wisely during these greenish salad days in order to become a [ insert snarky profession ] Do you have any idea how much a [ Insert snarky profession ] makes?

One to two a week?
Other commitments such as base jumping / dating / or sleeping takes precedence.

Three or four a week?
Movies are my life dude!

Five or six a week?
Resident movie geek or blogger in training

One a day?
Movies are me vitimins!

More than 7 a week?
Crystal Meth was seriously freaking out my dentist, so I switched to a gentler addiction.

I'd say I am between One per week and one per every two weeks. So I can see anywhere from 2-4 movies per month in the theater.

As for DVD I probably watch up to 5 per week.

Internet maybe 1 or 2 per month.

Television I don't watch movies hardly at all.

I watch the movies A LOT. Two a day is usually the minimum.
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More than seven a week for this junkie.

Not counting Film Festivals, I'd say I see anywhere between four and ten movies a month, just theatrically. And my TV is on all the damn time...mysteriously enough, even sometimes when I'm not home.

"A frickin' lot" is the exact count, I believe.
"Film is a disease. When it infects your bloodstream it takes over as the number one hormone. It bosses the enzymes, directs the pineal gland, plays Iago to your psyche. As with heroin, the antidote to Film is more Film." - Frank Capra

Roughly 20-40 per month, at home.
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And my TV is on all the damn time...mysteriously enough, even sometimes when I'm not home.

Our cats will occasionally turn on the Animal Planet when we're out. They have also informed me that they would like to have a remote with bigger buttons on it so it would be easier for them to channel surf during commercials.

About 5 movies per week. I love movies but I am not addicted to movies.
I love to watch about 5 DVD movies per week. I dont watch TV & theatre movies often, maybe once month. I never watch movies via Internet (I still prefer watch on TV). Am I old fashioned? Really, its' comfortable to sit and watch TV.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
I've seen 40 so far in July, 36 in June, 45 in May, 34 in April, 69 in March, 53 in Feb., and 81 in January. This doesn't count rewatching the same movie multiple times. You'd have to add about five more a month for that.
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Including television a'd think I'd be a couch potato, but I'm not I swear!
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It really depends. Probably two or three a week all told, but that's mainly because I've got a lot of real-world stuff going on, and because I've been spending more and more time ploughing through TV shows on DVD.

When I don't have any TV shows to worry about and I'm not doing anything life-altering like looking at houses or planning a wedding, though, it's probably 4 a week between rentals and the theater. But that's just an average; I'll go 5-6 days without one, then watch 3 on a Saturday.

I do love me some movies, but I don't like to bury myself with them, partially because I try to give myself some room to think about them (when merited, of course).

I'd say, on average, about 1 per week. I spend a decent amount of time searching various sources to determine whether or not I will enjoy a film. Its sucks to plan out a couple hours of time only to find that your selection has left you mildly entertained.

I usually average one or two a week (mostly on DVD or streamed from the web) but it varies greatly depending on what's out and what else I've got going on.

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- 2 Japtoon episodes per day
- about 6-7 films per week

Always after midnight!

varies a lot. having a girlfriend really killed my movie consumption for a while. also depends on how much i'm reading, drawing, studying... lately I've found enough free time to see probably at least a couple movies per week, finish a half dozen books or so a month on avg. and spend a lot of time with my girlfriend. Part of the solution is to fold two of them together *somewhat* by using the excuse of "introducing" various movies to Rebecca, but I find when I do that it limits the kinds of movies I watch a little bit.

so short answer about 2 a week these days. when i was at my peak a few years ago 1 a day. when i was at my peak of anime watching several years ago it was probably 8 or nine episodes per day and a couple movies a week.

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8/9 Japtoons per day is fine. That ends up being about 3 hours anyway. I try to space them out so I'm not too tired to watch a film a day. Currently I'm also watching the 8 episode Danish television show Riget, which is about an hour long so I go much later into the night to around 4 in the morning or so.

8/9 Japtoons per day is fine. That ends up being about 3 hours anyway.
I may have been underestimating it then . I remember watching the Evangelion series in 2 days tops. And watching Giant Robo in one sitting. I should probably feel more embarrassed than I do while typing that.

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I watched Evangelion over 2 weeks. I had school then so I saved them for the afternoons. 2 a day as always. Giant Robo in one sitting... Jesus.


Don't be.

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