Lightning Poll: Chinatown vs. The Graduate


Chinatown or The Graduate?
11 votes
4 votes
The Graduate
15 votes. You may not vote on this poll

Vote early and vote often kids! This poll closes tomorrow at around 11:00 am Pacific time. That should give most of you a chance to cast a vote for either Chinatown or The Graduate.
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I don't know why two such different films were chosen, but so be it. I love The Graduate, but if you think I'm going to choose it over Chinatown then you're dumber than you think I think you are. Forget it, PoPoWaWa, it's Chinatown.
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I'm not voting between two movies that are apples and oranges.

What's your next poll going to be, The Wizard of Oz and The Exorcist?

Why would you not vote simply because the two movies are significantly different? The options aren't supposed to fit a particular theme other than "movies which might be interesting to talk about."

Also, PW didn't choose this poll, these are the two Movie Club options that received the most votes.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Since I've been here at MoFo, this was actually the closest, most "exciting" poll we've had. Two films tied with five votes and two tied with four votes. These films were picked to generate interest. I'm just sorry that more people couldn't vote in the first round. We want to discuss a movie here, but if you don't want to discuss movies, I suppose that's fine but I'm not sure why.

Hey, good idea. Next time we need to include The Exorcist and The Wizard of Oz among the five films.
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I'd dig on that; a poll with the five most unrelated films we can think up.

Though, for the record, I'd probably vote for The Exorcist, since I've been dying to see it again for the last couple of weeks.

Had to go with Chinatown 'cause I want/need to re-watch it...

And I'd have to go with The Exorcist over The Wizard of Oz too as I'm just not an Oz fan...
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Just for the heck of it, I just searched on youtube for The Exorcist Wizard of Oz and look what came up.

Sorry Harmonica.......I got to stay here.
2 completely different flicks, but right now if they were both on cable, I'd probably flip to the graduate.
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Just for the heck of it, I just searched on youtube for The Exorcist Wizard of Oz and look what came up.
That's fantastic. You get a gold star.
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I think I'm gonna go with The Graduate... Mr. Nicholson will excuse me, but Dustin Hoffman RULED on this one!
By the way, I always tought that Chinatown was a bit overrated... Or perhaps it's just me

I just hope that when we post the discussion thread in the near future that everybody who voted adds their comments on the film.
Quoted for emphasis. Don't let us down, people. We've been nominating some pretty awesome, talk-worthy talkies here.