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Blake Lively is an amazing actress, she plays a major part in the TV show Gossip Girl. What a lucky girl to have her career sorted at only 21!

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I guess. I'm kind of sick of hearing "OMGG GO$$IP GURL IZ THA BEST SHOW EVZZ!!1!11!1!!1!", though.

Let's hope she doesn't end up like Mischa Barton.

I love Blake Lively, but I don't think she's amazing. I wasn't really a fan of her when I watched 'The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants', there was something about the way she acted that bugged me. As Serena Van der Woodsen though, she's great and I hope she's better in the sequal to TSOTP. I think she's got an amazing future ahead of her, and as long as Blake stays grounded and doesn't turn out like Mischa Barton, she'll be fine.

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Haha, eveytime I think of her I remember this interview I was watching with Blake Lively and America Ferrara and it was suppose to be about TSOTP2 but the interviewer kept asking about Gossip Girl because she was a big fan. America gave Blake Lively the worst stinkeye I've ever seen.

that's what she said...
Well I have NEVER seen a single Episode of GOSSIP GIRL but I have seen a few of her movies and to be honest, I'm not really a big fan. She was decent in SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS but other than that I am not really into her. And she totally recked her face with plastic surgury.

I used to think she was super beautiful because she was tall, fit and just naturally cute... but now I just thinks she's like the rest of them who feel they need to change their appearace to get more attention. She looked great before, now she just looks like she's trying too hard and lost her natural cute factor.
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^to be in 14 movies in the next two years^

I've got nothing wrong with Blake Lively. Honestly I thought she played her role in The Town very well.

Nothing special at all, and why on earth has she had plastic surgery in only her 20s!
I've had it...plastic surgery in my 20's. Seriously I have Nose, Eye orbit, fractures...correcting. Lol!

Nothing special at all, and why on earth has she had plastic surgery in only her 20s!
That's one of the ways you get the work. Most of them get it done before they become famous or between the young woman/child and grown up/proper actress phase of their careers.
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I haven't seen much of her work besides Gossip Girl, but her acting on Gossip Girl imo is hardly great. I think Leighton Meester is more interesting. Not that the show helps.. sometimes they just deliver the lines.

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I feel old that I don't know who she is. I saw the Town several times and she made no impression on me whatsoever, and I don't even know what Gossip Girl is...
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