what is the longest movie you have ever had to sit through?


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I imagine that is the case but i still don't see how some had it in their top five or whatever of the 70's. I know everyone doesn't go about it the same way as me but it is still pretty shocking. Not even watched it so i should probably stop here but from what people who are usually into these types of films both on and off this site have told me it is pretty baffling.

I remember Minio posted Apichatpong Weerasethakuls top ten and he had Andy Warhols Empire on it. Yeah, he doesn't enjoy that at all, he is definitely a liar.
*shrug* It's not like The Godfather needed the votes that badly. I'd definitely take it over 1900 any day of the week, and 1900 actually has stuff happening in it.

I couldn't comment on other people lying about their favourites - the idea that the director of Uncle Boonmee actually does cite Empire as a favourite really does not surprise me regardless of whether or not it's justified.
Iro is to reviews as Kubrick is to films.

You mean me? Kei's cousin?
It's not though? You've rated like two movies less than that on this site at least and they've usually been
Oh, yes it is. I've given out a few three-and-a-halfs during my time here.

I'm fine with it making the list, it gives me extra incentive to watch it i just find it surprising. i don't think anyone is lying about it necessarily either i probably shouldn't have included that in the same comment, i'm just still amazed that anyone claims to get anything out of something like Empire which the thought reminded me of so i mentioned it.

Madness is the emergency exitÖ
Philosophy of a Knife

Part documentary and part feature....though shot in black & white but still one of the most violent, disturbing & sickening flicks ever seen! Run Time: 249 minutes! Finished in 2 consecutive nights.

You mean me? Kei's cousin?
Well, I just remembered it's actually the 1956 version of The Ten Commandments, which I only actually watched in its entirety once or twice, and that The Right Stuff isn't even close.

Titanic (1997)

Took my wife to see on a date night, its really not my cup of tea but she enjoyed it.
It's so weird about Titanic.[..the movie is like three hours long but it is so entertaining that I never really feel the length.