MoFo Fantasy Football 2020 - Regular Season


One of these days he's gonna score just 13 points and my whole system of "hope my best player just goes off again" collapses.

And the NFL had to drag The Ravens into this to make it work, change their BYE week.

Like I said a couple days ago, they can move BYE weeks around like this once. After that and as the season drags on there will be zero wiggle room.

Oh, well. No James Connor on my other team this week. It doesn't affect my MoFo lineup.
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One of these days he's gonna score just 13 points and my whole system of "hope my best player just goes off again" collapses.
Let’s hope it happens this week

Frustrating loss for me this past weekend. I went from being an initial underdog to a 40-point favorite, then watched Yoda climb back within reach after Gallup and Tampa's D doubled their projections. Still had a 31 point lead going into the Sunday night game. I knew Kamara would make me sweat it out, but I was hoping that I had a large enough cushion. That wasn't the case. Judging by how the Packers consistently left Kamara open underneath, and their pathetic attempts at tackling him as he leisurely strolled into the end zone for a 50+ yard TD, I can only assume many of the players and/or coaching staff have Kamara on their fantasy teams this season. Good for them. He’d likely be the consensus #1 overall pick if we re-drafted today.

As for this week, I felt pretty good about my chances since Beantown Champs has been hit hard by the injury bug, but Michael Thomas and Julio Jones are practicing this week, so I might have to go up against his studs after all. Meanwhile, James Conner won't be playing for me this week now that the game has been postponed, and DeAndre Hopkins has missed two days of practice. I don't own Hopkins, but an absence from him will certainly negatively impact my QB, Kyler Murray. Needless to say, my confidence in pulling out a victory this week is dwindling by the day.

Yeah, with the totals we put up someone was gonna sting. There's the dumb part of fantasy football again, where you can score 140 and lose because you got the wrong totally random opponent. We ended up on the list of highest score while losing and highest combined score for that, BTW (though not near the tippy top of either).

I was so mad about Wilson throwing up 20 initially because I naturally assumed that would lose me the whole match, but sometimes you just get bailed out by the studs. I hate it as a "strategy" but can't deny it's a huge part of determining who wins each year.

Also, defensive projections are crap, they basically never predict above a certain amount. Bucs had a great matchup, I was hoping/expecting for more than they had down. This is a problem with all of the projections, but it's less pronounced with star skill players, at least. With kickers and defenses it's extremely conservative, especially at the high end.

Those of us already devastated by injuries have nothing of value to trade. We could trade with each other but that is just rearranging deck chairs on a pair of Titanics. For those of you whose teams are healthy and chugging along you don't need anything, even if our one remaining healthy player is attractive to you. We aren't looking for a flex player to round out our roster or cover our stars in BYE weeks, I for one need to replace my top draft pick, my fourth draft pick, and potentially my second draft pick if Carson is out for any significant time. The only piece of value I have is Dak Prescott. So for me to trade Dak away it has to be somebody willing to part with their top RB to replace their inconsistent QB. I have looked at the rosters. That trade does not exist. Not until or unless a couple of the star QBs go down and out.

In our league you can't really hawk anybody off of the waiver wire like you can in my other league, which is 10 teams. I'll watch one of those fantasy shows on the NFL Network and invariably anyone they say, 'Hey, this guy is only rostered in 14% of the leagues, he's a good one to ride for the next couple weeks', he's already rostered in OUR league. Taking the sixth string San Francisco RB who was on the practice squad but now is technically wearing a uniform on the sideline but is going to get two carries a game until the stars return doesn't get you ****.

Oh, well. If the injuries continue at this clip across the league you will all eventually feel the kind of pain we are dealing with, and then we will all be topping out at 75 points a game and will all limp through the season. Until then there are going to be some completely uncompetitive mismatches. Nothing approaching parity. The haves and the dead. It's going to be The Los Angeles Dodgers against the sixth-best high school team in your county.
I understand your frustration. In all my years of playing fantasy football, I can't readily recall anyone suffering so many significant injuries to their top draft picks this early in the season as what your team has endured. Also, if you're only used to playing in 10-team leagues, the enhanced difficulty of a 14-teamer is going to require some adjustment. I urge you not to give up hope, however. I've drafted very poorly in past seasons in this league with multiple early-round busts, yet still managed to fight my way deep into the playoffs by successfully playing the waiver wire. Yoda expanded our benches this season, so it's more difficult than ever to find those waiver wire gems, but I guarantee they're still out there. Last week you could've had Jeff Wilson, for instance, whom I picked up after he cleared waivers. He's a temporary replacement, but he scored 20+ points. Glancing at the available player pool right now, I see a few players I'd love to pick up if only I had more bench spots -- players who should probably be starting this week for the most injury-depleted teams in our league.

I personally hate 10-team leagues and refuse to play in any league nowadays that isn't at least 12 teams. I feel like in a 10-team league you can be plenty successful without even paying much attention to your team. Just log on Sunday morning and grab a really good player from the waiver pool if one of your main guys are injured. Such shallow leagues remind me more of Salary Cap Football. In our league you can't just visit the waiver wire Sunday morning and find an easy plug-and-play. It pays to be be active throughout the week, to stay abreast of news around the NFL, to study trends and dig deep into the box score to discover unknown players who are slowly becoming more involved in their offenses in order to nab them before the big breakout game that puts them on everyone's radar.

One piece of advice: be smart about waiver wire claims. Our waiver wire priority rolls over from week to week. Obviously if there's a player you really want and you think he's going to be a difference maker, put in a claim for him, but every week I see people claiming players from waivers who aren't likely to contribute much, if anything. The majority of those players would've likely cleared waivers anyway, and could be picked up afterwards as a free agent. If you put in a claim for just anyone and everyone, then you're always going to be ranked near the bottom of the priority list, thus making it impossible to land the real difference makers -- like a Mike Davis, at the moment -- when an injury or something propels them into fantasy relevance.

So I am going up against the top team in the tight ass MOFO league this week.

My Pitt' Def is sitting out (maybe - I have no clue) so I have to grasp at whatever is left. So Jacksonville here is hoping you do your thing.

Still all in all I feel like I have a chance.

Wilson is on the road - hell as of now other than the kicker everyone on RWW is out and about.

Has to mean something.

Anyway I am taking a chance on Gore tonight. At least it give me a reason to watch the game. I do not think my other options are much better so lets do this....
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He did as well as I had hoped. Should offset anything Kamara does. Not bad considering Gordon was a replacement after you snagged Kamara a few rounds before me.

No problem. Thank me by benching Kamara 😎
I had Kamara the year he broke out. Havent had him the last two. Took him this year again. That man is saving me. I drafted Sutton and Godwin. Sutton totally gone, Godwin can't stay healthy. Got Rodgers in the 9th, he has been balling, figured he would come out pissed this year. Jonathan Taylor was a gamble but that's paid off been a solid RB2. 2-1 in that league, should be 3-0.

But manly thankful for Kamara haha.

My other league I drafted Barkley, Godwin, Sutton, Golladay. I some how have 1 win. Pulled that out of my arse. In 11th of 12 in that league. Last place has to golf at next draft in shave legs and a skirt. Just hoping to not finish last lol
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Oh man, I didn't realize until this morning that the Gordon 10-point-play was in garbage time when they were just clock-killing. That's not a thing that's supposed to happen.

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After comparing my WR to a dead film star, he turns around and puts up double digits for me, while my kicker has an almost 20-point game... Could it be that I actually get a win this week? We shall see...
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