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Movie industry after Covid-19


Sometimes, I was an extra in films, prior to this crap. This COVID-19 situation has caused quite the ordeal. I've not acted in anything since 2019.

i know here theres alot of cinemas open in public and keeping eye on the customers
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Red Box in my town has closed 2 of its 3 locations. (The third may also be closed.)

I liked it for the ability to buy movies from them. I never used the rental since I could never get back in time for the return.

Definitely due to lack of new movies.

Maybe one day theyíll return.
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Noticed this clip while reading about Goliath 4th series:

"... Goliath Season 4 was one of the many shows that shut down production following the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Yahoo Finance, Goliath resumed production thanks to groundbreaking technology.

The SafeSet COVID-19 Compliance System is used to help keep everyone safe and compliant from the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Amazon is using this for Goliath and it allowed the show to resume production."

Does anyone know what this technology is, or are they just "social distancing"..

If there is such a technology, shows/films should start opening up production.