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Movie Forums: Top 100 of the 1950s

Decent chance one or two of these are unintentional duplicates and/or linked to the wrong year/title/whatever, so lemme know ASAP if you guys notice anything.
I had to check off Lady and the Tramp. I have it marked off in the Animation List (which I'm at 100% watched).

I've only seen 30% of the 50s list.

Thanks, I'll go merge those two Lady and the Tramp entries. Might have to re-check the list again after.
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I had to check off Lady and the Tramp. I have it marked off in the Animation List (which I'm at 100% watched).

I've only seen 30% of the 50s list.
Get watching!

The list I am way behind on is the documentaries list.
I've only seen 12% of the Docs List. I'm just not that interested in documentaries.

I went through a month or two in early 2015 where all i was watching was acclaimed documentaries which is the main reason i've seen quite a few from that list, and also why i was probably the most enthusiastic about the countdown. Plus i make sure to watch one from time to time for a change.

Oooof. Really weird. I swear after i did my 50s list earlier it said 57%, as i said i thought i had miscounted because i'd counted it as 56% during the countdown and i didn't double check everything because i was about to do something. Well i went to check my docs list after you guys were talking about it and noticed my 50s one was at 56% now, i went through it all and it's right there's nothing not crossed off that i've seen. Really don't have a clue what happened but i swear it was at 57% earlier.

Yeah, that's kinda what I meant about maybe having to re-check some of these after I fix some of the mislabeled ones.

I also fixed a bug with a rounding error, though based on what I changed it should be rounding up more rather than down, so it's probably the first thing, in your case.

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A Clockwork Orange has two different entries. The one in OFCS's Sci-Fi list isn't the same as the one in the other lists.
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Just updated Beauty and the Beast on the Ebert Great Movies List (it had the Disney version listed). Because the 1946 version wasn't even in the list database, this may lead to a little more weirdness than usual for people who'd already checked it off, though nothing beyond a stray percentage error here or there. If you notice any issues, please go check that off or on accordingly and re-save, and it should be fine. Thanks.

If anyone is going to cross A.I off the lists or already has you have to cross both the Eberts Great Movies and the Sci-Fi list one off separately btw. One is written as A.I.: Artificial Intelligence and the other is A.I. Artificial Intelligence without the : . Not sure what that's about, just a heads up.

Okay, I've merged the two, and I've updated any seen logs that had the other one checked off. I've also updated any list updates that had that as the only update, so it's not perfect. But if you go into any list that has it and re-save, you should have all your stats up to date, albeit with a few slightly wonky old list updates hanging around in the past. Sadly, that can't always be helped.

BTW, Yoda there's a similar thing i just noticed. Withnail and I is on the British list as Withnail and I and it is on the Ebert and MoFo 100 one as Withnail & I.