Swan's Music Thread



I'll be sure to share what I make in the future. Constructive feedback is appreciated. Thanks for listening, if you do!

Spread Hope and Joy :)
I've been trying to constructively (hehe) criticize your work for years now. I see the big progress you have made throughout the years and can do nothing but congratulate you.

Asomanoch is the nightmare of your neighbors at 3 AM. It sounds like Venetian Snares B-side. Not bad at all!

Reptile Patterns sounds like a soundtrack from a 2006 racing game. Nostalgic camp.

Nursing The Asynchronous has a sample from Persona. Catering to the cinephiles out there, aren't we? ;)

Atheist Bloom might be my favorite. The part from 4:05 on is heavenly.

Cherry Torque is the weakest of them all, but not a bad one in any way!

All in all, good job, but...

Where's that song with moaning Japanese girls you promised me?
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Hey Swan! How are things? It has been a while.

I've just a listen to these at work. Really loving the dark & techy sounds and I really like Cherry Torque too which has some drum and bass vibes - right up my alley . I think Reptile Patterns is my favourite though! Keep it up man, I've given you a follow so I'll keep an eye on your releases.

Thanks for listening guys! Much appreciated.

@Rhys hey man! I'm doing alright. Cool to see you're still on MoFo!

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again

I'll be sure to share what I make in the future. Constructive feedback is appreciated. Thanks for listening, if you do!
jut nearly through Asomanoch. Very good.
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Chalk me down as another that liked Reptile Patterns best of those five. I reckon you could release that one.
Look forward to listening to more when it's available.

Oh no. I almost missed the grand opening. You already know how highly I think of your music. Always looking forward to hearing more. Nursing... is my favorite of the Soundcloud lot, mainly for the melancholy vibe.

Posted a new one.

It's pretty old (about a year), but I never really got a chance to share it so I'm posting it now. I think the mixing could be better.

Quite like it up until the closing stages, got a little too chaotic for my taste then.

Welp, definitely not my best work here, but I'm trying not to linger on my projects right now and focus more on generally improving. It is practice, after all.

Awesome man! Thick & rich sound design as I remembered from you. The first in particular really fits the scene and sounds pro. I love the little 15 sec outro in the second scene too.

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Love those nasty synths!
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